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Assisted Stretching

Mobile Stretch Therapists LLC is dedicated to providing clients with high-caliber assisted stretch therapy programs. Our personal trainer will work with you to help you recover from injury and increase your range of mobility through targeted exercises.

Our assisted stretch therapy sessions help you improve your range of motion and cater to individuals seeking enhanced flexibility or recovering from surgery that may have restricted their movement. We understand that every individual's needs differ, and we tailor each plan to meet the client's specific requirements.

Assisted Stretching is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and our assisted stretch therapy can aid in alleviating pain, reducing stress, and improving flexibility. Get started today by calling us at (480) 652-6425

Flexible Scheduling for Our Flexibility Therapy Program

We realize that everyone’s timetable doesn’t revolve around their desire for improved physical health. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling for our assisted stretch therapy programs. We’ll work with your availability so you can receive the therapy at a convenient time in your own home.

Your stretch therapist will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your in-home sessions to help you loosen and enhance your body’s muscles and connective tissue. If you’re ready to get started on a program that eases your physical aches and enhances your day-to-day comfort, please call us to book a consultation.

We Provide Physical Rehabilitation Post-Surgery

Recovering from surgery can be a long and challenging road, but our physical rehabilitation program can assist. Your one-on-one assisted stretching trainer will develop a customized plan to help you regain mobility after you’ve undergone a surgical operation.

Mobile Stretch Therapists LLC’s therapy program includes various techniques such as:

  • Passive Stretching: In this type of therapy, we move your affected joint or limb to stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. During this session, you remain passive and relaxed.
  • Active Stretching: You’re encouraged to actively move your joints or limbs to stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Dynamic Stretching: This involves moving through a range of motion repeatedly and gradually increasing the range of motion over time.
  • Static Stretching: You’re invited to hold a stretch in a fixed position to boost the range of motion and decrease muscle tension.

With the help of our rehabilitation program, you can return to performing daily activities with increased ease and fewer aches and pains. We’ll monitor your progress throughout the rehabilitation process and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Our Stretch Therapy Aids in Injury Recovery

Mobile Stretch Therapists LLC’s assisted stretch therapy program is designed to help individuals recover from injuries that have impaired movement. After an initial consultation, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to help you regain your strength and mobility.

From muscle strains, joint sprains, and frozen shoulder to tendonitis and lower back pain, our assisted stretch therapy can help with various injuries. We utilize our expertise to address the root cause of your injury and build a comprehensive plan to help you recover.

Let Mobile Stretch Therapists LLC Guide You
Through an assisted Stretch Therapy Program

Mobile Stretch Therapists LLC is your go-to for all your assisted stretch therapy needs. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized assisted stretch therapy program so you can move with greater ease and comfort throughout your daily life.

Whether you require joint mobilization or are looking to enhance your overall flexibility, look to us for improved well-being—phone (480) 652-6425 to reach out to us.