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Gabriel Augusto Pardo is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Self Defense Instructor, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Body Transformation and Self Defense Specialist. Professionally trained to give you Assisted Stretching to manipulate body's soft tissue to help reduce body stress and pain and to increase flexibility Balance and mobility. He strongly believes that you look good on the outside when you look good on the inside.

Gabriel will take you on a unique journey to transforming your Body and Mind Gabriel has made a mark in Virginia and Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler Area over the past 25 years. Gabriel Augusto Pardo is the owner and director of Mobile stretch therapists LLC and GAP Fitness Academy LLC. Serving the east valley. The services that Gabriel Pardo offer are: Personal Fitness Training, GAP Elite Self Defense, Martial arts, which include some of the best Martial Arts in the world: Black Belt Hap Ki Do, Black Belt Combat Hap ki do, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Hatha Yoga and Assisted Stretch therapy. Gabriel is a native of Bogota, Colombia. He received a College Certificate as a Fitness Instructor with honors, Cum Laude, from Northern Virginia Community College in 1995.

Mr. Pardo is a certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise ( ACE ) Certified fitness trainer by the American Institute of Fitness Educators (AIFE ), Certified in Stretch and Flexibility, plus Advanced Application of Assisted Stretching Techniques by The Stretching Institute and Stretch Coach; Black Belt in Hap Ki Do by Escuela Chang de Artes Marciales Kung fu Hap Ki Do República de Colombia. Black Belt in Combat Hap ki do by The International Combat Hap ki do Federation.. Gabriel received Karate Do training at the early age of 5 and Hatha Yoga at 7. He continues to practice, learn and teach to the present. Gabriel Augusto Pardo is currently 57 years old in 2023.